4 lectures on the Aztec Calendar Stone

This lectures have passed but you can check some of them in you tube: Lectures

Artisans of Time is going to present in the Santa Anna theatre four lectures about the Aztec Calendar Stone or Sun Stone. This monument is nowadays in the central hall of the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City, it was discover in 1790 in the historic center of that city. Since that time many archaeologists, anthropologists and historians have tried to decipher the meaning of its symbols.  This Aztec monument is a complex source of information about the worldview of the Ancient Mexicans, their mythology, their philosophy and their ideas of human being.

On the lectures, Alberto Aveleyra, Mexican anthropologist is going to present some of the results of a twelve years research he has been doing of this prehispanic monument.

The themes for the four slideshow lectures are:

  1. History of the monument
  2. The Sun Stone as an image of the cosmos
  3. The identity of the central face of the Sun Stone
  4. The eagle-jaguar warriors and the Sun Stone.

The lectures are going to be on Thursdays at 5 pm starting on april 15th. The price for the lecture is 100 pesos.

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