Instituto Allende presents Artisans of Time Lectures

Mexico: space of civilizations, time of creators.

Four Lectures in the Instituto Allende, February 2010

“We think that 2010 could be a cultural point of no return similar to the one that took place a hundred years ago. We can combine the creative forces toward new level of development, especially if we take advantage of the history and cultural diversity and of this country .”

The Artisans of Time is a four-part course consisting of lectures, in English, being held at Instituto Allende for two consecutive weeks, on Tuesdays and Thursday, February 2-4 and 9-11,  at 5:30 pm inside Instituto’s  James Pinto Gallery.

Giving the lectures is writer and anthropologist, Alberto Aveleyra, self-described further as a cultural agent and passionate world traveler. Aveleyra is keen on anthropological projects related with the heritage interpretation and relations between culture and tourism. He won the National Price of History on National Symbols.

1ST Lecture. Mexico in the origin of world civilizations

2nd Lecture. The Eagle and the Cactus tree in the imagination of men: Independence and Revolution

3rd Lecture. Diego Rivera and the cultural dimension of the Revolution.

4th Lecture. The Bicentenario: Identity, diversity, heritage, development and self consciousness in Mexico

Admission Fee for each lecture: $100 pesos (includes cocktail), entire course: $350 pesos

Artisans of Time is a cultural project. Its mission is to divulgate a worldview based in a humanistic and sustainable perspective.  Through applied anthropology projects we  contribute to the peace and understanding between local and world cultures while developing an economic development.

For Artisans of Time the Celebrations of the Independence and the Revolution points out a moment to stop to think  deeply what is Mexico, what has it been and the future trajectory of its social and cultural dynamics.

We think that 2010 could be a cultural point of no return similar as the one that took place a hundred years ago. We could take the creative forces into a new level of development, specially, if we take advantage of the history and cultural diversity and heritage of the country.

Artisans of Time started its San Miguel Project with a Lecture in the Museo Casa de Allende (September 2009) about the Meaning of the name of Mexico and its National coat of arms in the prehispanic worldview.

In 2010 we start with four lectures by Alberto Aveleyra  in the Instituto Allende:

1st México in the origin of world civilization.

It´s a lecture about the origin of civilization in Mexican territory with the Olmec culture

2nd The Eagle and the cactus tree: The coat of arms in the imagination of men, Independence and Revolution.

We would talk about the mesoamerican cosmological meaning of the Eagle and the cactus tree and then we´ll talk about its meaning for the Independence leaders and its artistic use in the Revolution of the XX century.

3rd Diego Rivera and the cultural dimensión of the Mexican Revolution.

We´ll stop on the Works and thought of Diego Rivera about mexican culture, his interpretation of Mexican History and his relation with prehispanic art.

4 th The Bicentenario: identity, diversity, heritage, development and self consciousness in Mexico.

A reflection on the different identity and cultural meanings of the 2010 Bicentenario, specially what it has to do with Mexican tangible and intangible heritage, and its relation with a sustainable development perspective.


Proyecto de Antropología Aplicada al presente, al pasado y al futuro

Artesanos del Tiempo es un proyecto de antropología aplicada al Tiempo. Este se manifiesta a través de los diversos campos culturales que se entrecruzan en el día a día.

Realizamos proyectos de antropología aplicada en diversas áreas de la experiencia humana:

Antropología aplicada al pasado: proyectos sobre mito y  símbolo, estudios sobre diversas tradiciones y manifestaciones culturales a lo largo de la historia de la humanidad. Ejemplos: La Piedra del Sol y los guerreros águila-jaguar, el significado del nombre de México y su Escudo Nacional en la cosmovisión mexica.

Antropología aplicada al presente: proyectos aplicados a empresas y organismos dentro del ámbito del turismo, la educación, la cultura. Proyectos de sensibilización y capacitación en diversas areas. Proyectos de investigación en torno a la psique y los sueños, psicoanálisis, hermeneútica.

Antropología aplicada al futuro: Consultoría y gestoría, diseño y operación de proyectos culturales con base en la exploración del Desarrollo Sustentable-cambio de conciencia.


Proyecto alternativo de cultura, patrimonio y auto-conocimiento.

Somos Artesanos de Experiencias, generamos encuentros entre las personas y el patrimonio, entre las personas y su historia, entre las personas y otras personas.

Somos exploradores del patrimonio de México y concebimos esta constante exploración como un proceso de auto-conocimiento continuo.

Somos un proyecto de investigación, divulgación e interpretación de temas culturales y de patrimonio.

Brindamos diversos tipos de servicios relacionados con el patrimonio y el turismo:

– Servicios de investigación antropológica en temas culturales y de historia.

– Servicios de capacitación en técnicas de interpretación del patrimonio.

– Servicios de turismo cultural a diversas partes de la República Mexicana.

– Servicios de consultoría en interpretación, patrimonio y turismo.

– Servicios de gestión cultural.