Peregrinación al Cerro de los Ancestros

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Walk with me through this indigenous sanctuary founded in the VI century A.D.
While we walk through this beautiful natural landscape, learn about the 30 centuries old pre-Hispanic native civilizations, their rites, the cult to the ancestors, the archaeological excavations and the research I´m doing about the cultural meanings of the processions performed there.
This ancient pyramid was the goal for pilgrims coming from different regions of Mesoamerica throughout a period of 500 years, from 540 A.D. to 1050 A.D.

Alberto Aveleyra has been doing research on the site since 2017, when he presented a paper about the prehispánic routes of access to the site in the 3rd International Congress of Ethnohistory.

This year, 2021, an article where he shows his first research results is going to appear in a book about the Royal Road of Guanajuato.
His research proposes that this site probably is the sanctuary of Chicomoztoc, a place referred in multiple indigenous historical sources, this discovery drove him to start a PhD in Mesoamerican studies in the National Univer

sity of Mexico, he is now in the selection process, if he is succesful, he´ll start his degree in August 2021. The last 4 years of fieldwork and codex analysis have been founded through the tours he runs in the site. When you hire his tours you are contributing and supporting his research, creating a new way to do cultural anthropology in Mexico.